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Shingle Roof     Percent Waste Factor on Pitched Roof    
Tile Roof     Linear Feet of Valley    
Built-Up Roof     Wall Flashing for Pitched Roof    
Total Squares     Parapet Walls for Flat Roof    
Materials for Tear Off - Pitched Roof Qty.   Materials for Tear Off - Low Slope Roof   Qty. Total
30 lb. Base Sheet     Primer for Concrete Deck    
Tin Caps (50lb. box)     Tin Caps (50lb. box)  
1 1/4' Roofing Nails (#7200 box)     1 1/4' Roofing Nails (#7200 box)  
Sheathing Nails (#4500 box)     Sheathing Nails (#4500 box)  
Edge Drips     Edge Drips (less if ties in with pitched roof)  
Flashing Cement     Flashing Cement  
Membrane     Membrane  
Furring Strips (bundles)     Furring Strips (bundles)  
Valley Metal     Rosin Paper (for exposed decks)    
90 lb. Paper for Valleys     #75 Base sheet    
Angle Flashing     #80 Base sheet    
Stucco Stops     Stratavent (add .6 to moppings for bleed thru)  
Masonry Anchors (boxes)     Insulation 4' x 4'  (pieces)    
Caulking     Cant Strips    
        Fiberglass Ply                   *enter plies ---->  
      Ruberiod 20    
Materials for Shingle Installation   Asphalt       *enter number of moppings -->  
Shingle     Mop Yarns    
Starter     Flat Roof Second Delivery for Cap Sheet Phase (larger roofs)
Hip & Ridge     ( for smaller roofs order with tear off phase )    
Total Shingles     Cap Sheet/Membrane    
Ridge Vent (rolls)     *enter l/ ft. ->   Granules  (for bleedouts)    
1 1/4' Roofing Nails (#7200 box)     Modified for Parapets  *enter height inches->  
Flashing Cement     Asphalt    *enter number of  moppings -->
        Mop Yarns  
Materials for Tile Underlayment   Termination Bars    
Tile Underlayment Paper     Stucco Stops    
Asphalt     Masonry Anchors (boxes)    
Mop Yarns     Caulking    
Tin Caps (50lb. box)     One Way Vents    
1 1/4' Roofing Nails (#7200 box)     Flashing cement    
Flashing Cement     Materials for Tile Installation    
Membrane     Tile                                  *enter pitch ----->  
** remember your vents & lead boots   Hip & Ridge              *enter linear feet ----->  
    Hip & Ridge Nailer    
Use this as an estimation tool,   Prefab. Eave Closure    *enter linear ft. --->  
actual quantites will vary for which   Oxide (lbs.)    
we are not responsible for.   Quickrete    
        Flashing cement