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About Our Website:

This website was designed for you, the roofing contractor and your staff working in South Florida.  This is only our first draft and we are sure that you will find it very beneficial already.  Some things you should know:

The radar image has South Florida in its center so you can easily see any adverse weather conditions.  There are 3 other radars to get a closer or or wider view as well as daily forecasts & chance of rain by hour.

A lot of the links take you to other trusted websites, to navigate back to our site simply click the back button on your browser.

When ever reference is made to "Miami Dade" we mean unincorporated, when "Miami-Dade County" is used then we are referring to the entire county.

Our goal is to make your job a lot eaiser and make you more efficient.  We will be adding a lot more features in the near future. We encourage you and your staff to add us to your home page or favorites and use the site often.  We will keep you up to date with current events and news as they relate to roofing.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please let us know your comments and any suggestions.

You can also subscribe to our e-mail and fax campaign, we will limit this feature to useful information only.

Remember this is your site, browse through it, there's a lot of valuable information at your fingertips.