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Permit Assistance

We are now offering fast and professional permitting assistance.

Whether its residential or commercial, we can assist by providing ready to submit permit packages and even submitting them to building departments. We will also help you with any rejection comments from building departments during the permit process.

Permit package assistance is FREE and included in our service when materials for the permitted job are purchased at Roof Depot USA. Submitting to building departments will be $75 for Residential and $350 for Commercial permits.

If you're only interested in the permit package, then that's fine. We'll just charge a very small fee of $25 for Residential and $75 for Commercial packages. Engineering calculations are an additional service that we can support with on request. Included in the package is all relevant forms, Sections A - E, product approvals, etc. ready to go.

To submit a Permit Request, simply click on the button below, fill out the form, and click Finish. We will complete it and contact you once its ready or if we have any questions

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